Non dimittimus, non obliviscimur.
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Chopper Mission
How many tris can it handle?
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Procedural Terrain Generator with Vegetation and Water
A complete Update of the toolset.
A number of interesting sourcecodes for Blitz3D
Adresses some issues of 2D in Blitz3d, adds Alpha too.
Render dynamic rays from the scene.
Go Treasure Hunting in the Woods
Makes a mesh and a simple random forest scene to walk trough.
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Write Browser Games in Basic
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Coppercube rendering in Ascii Demo / Test
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They Thought You Are Easy Prey...
Raycasting maze using letters
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Acts as a test for both, the sound engine and Coppercube WebGL target
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A 3D sound engine for Javascript
Modelling Tool Combo for B3D export with lightmap that loads in Coppercube
Ported to Javascript, as a case study for the BB2JS converter
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Open Source Platformer in Blitzbasic
Convert BlitzBasic to Javascript HTML5 - debugged version 0.02